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Zoomtext Xtra Level 2, Screen Magnification Software Dolphin Lunar and SuperNova - Screen Magnification Software


Zoomtext, and Dolphin's Lunar and SuperNova Magnification Software.


A number of programs such as word-processors allow the user to increase the size of the text in the window where the document appears quite considerably. This does not affect the size in which the text is printed out. Most buttons on the toolbar (the row of small pictures at the top of the screen that can perform an operation when clicked with the mouse) can be enlarged also by choosing the right option within the program.


A number of products are available that produce an enlarged image on the computer's screen. The sizes of enlargement possible, the image quality and the method of control vary. Enlarging characters in this way always means that only a portion of the whole screen is visible at any time. Use of such software is relatively simple and is available for DOS and Windows 95/98/NT as well as other operating systems. There are also a number of word-processing packages specifically designed for use with large characters.





A scanner allows you to capture documents that are printed on paper and turn them into digital or online format to be viewed on a computer. Then, they may be edited using applicable software and/or added to existing digital documents, for both online and print publishing.  Set up in the right way, a scanner can also be used as a magnifier.  There are a variety of scanners now available on the market and they are becoming ever more sophisticated:



Image of a typical CCTV scanner unitCCTV


This is often a computer monitor mounted on a stand above a flat, moveable plate. The material to be scanned is placed face-up on the viewing plate and the image is captured on a digital camera which is mounted underneath the monitor.  Controls on the front of the monitor or viewing plate can be adjusted for optimum magnification and image quality. There are many different types of CCTV scanner available today, some are like the image on the right and others are just digital cameras mounted on a separate stand and connected to the computer via a USB cable. 


Hand held mouse


TVi Scanner by Visual EyesThis looks like a traditonal computer mouse, but it has a small digital camera mounted on the underside. The user runs the mouse over a piece of text or an image and it is reproduced in magnification on the computer or television screen.  The magnified image is displayed in full colour or enhanced black and white. The  mobility of such a device allows difficult-to-read items such as medicine bottles, cooking instructions, etc. to be magnified easily 







Image of a pen scannerPen Scanner


Designed to be swiped across a word or a line of text, which then appears on the computer screen. Some manufacturers offer models which will also read out the text, like a screenreader. When you slide the pen featured in the picture opposite, over a line of written text or numbers, the makers claim that it can also give you an instant foreign language translation which you can then modify yourself. Handy if you want to learn another language.


Flat bed


Image of flatbed scanner


The most common in homes and offices. Originally used for copying documents into digital format, they have developed into devices capable of helping someone with a vision impairment, to read articles on a computer screen. 






Free, Open Source or Shareware Programs


Image of what virtual magnifier looks like when hovered over a pageVirtual Magnifying Glass V3.3

is a free, Open Source, screen magnification tool for Windows and Linux. It is simple, customizable, and easy-to-use. Once installed and loaded, the magnifier can be activated in an instant,either by using a hotkey combination or by clicking on the program icon in the Taskbar. 


The magnifier is controlled by the mouse cursor. Just drag it oround the page and over whatever needs enlarging.  The magnifier is easily configured, by right clicking on the Taskbar icon and selecting the appropriate settings to change. You can change the size of the magnifier, amount of magnification and invert the colours.


As with anything which is free, it has it's limitations.  However, if you have limited funds or want something simple, this is worth a try.  Downloadable from: http://magnifier.sourceforge.net/



Other Useful Resources








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